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Dominant Entertainment Greenlights Sci-Fi Event Series With Cyrus Yavneh To Executive Produce


The Samsara Chronicles - Book 1




The Samsara Chronicles - Book 2


Los Angeles, CA - November 6th, 2015 - Michael Gianfriddo announced their initiative today for the episodic series, The Samsara Chronicles, based on the book anthology created by multiple award-winning writer Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley.



Cyrus Yavneh, producer of 24, Supernatural and the pilot of Falling Skies, will act as executive producer for the series. Michael Gianfriddo will structure and oversee the financing and also executive produce.


“Samsara is original in story, sound and color design. It will breathe and inhabit on a lavish epic scale that will seduce and nourish considerable viewership and ancillary profits”, said Yavneh.


The Series blends action, science fiction, drama and romance. Two people, entwined by destiny, bound by the heart, are catapulted into the depths of an apocalypse to champion the fate of three worlds. Light versus dark, life versus death, love versus hate. Worlds destroyed and reborn. An intense emotional experience.


“Samsara incorporates fresh story-telling, engaging characters and a return to intelligent and thought-provoking science fiction. It’s a rich narrative on a grand scale with so much potential and a multimedia product that we’re very much looking forward to exploiting with our partners. We intend to push the envelope as far as we can,” said Gianfriddo.


Gianfriddo also confirmed that the series will use innovative distribution and marketing techniques to deliver a worldwide multi-platform experience. “I was very clear from the outset that we will leave no stone unturned. This is where our team will excel,” said Gianfriddo.


About Dominant Entertainment:


Dominant Entertainment is a fully integrated multi-platform company that specializes in the development, financing and production of entertainment and media. Through industry relationships and strategic affiliations across the capital markets and a specific focus on financial modeling, the company aims to produce projects packaged with star power and comprehensive production and distribution with global market value and appeal. DE offers further competitive financing based on the company’s position in the Canadian markets. The company is managed by financier, Michael Gianfriddo, who is known for his expertise and relations in international finance and production. From 2009-2011, Mr. Gianfriddo and key investment partners structured the acquisition, restructuring and recapitalization and competed as prospective buyers for several assets and undervalued companies.